16 November 2015

Federal Government, Much Smaller!

Many Fewer and Much Less

That’s what I think is needed and quickly.

Many fewer Departments, Agencies, Divisions, Bureaus, Institutes, Offices and Committees, and many fewer named and unnamed meaningless subdivisions.

Much less of the things specifically enumerated by the Constitution as Federal Government, and none of the things not listed.  

Especially not those reserved for the several States; and none of the things you think the people would want so they might vote for you.  None of things special interest groups or lobbyists tell you they want that are not enumerated in the Constitution as Federal, and very few of the things are enumerated.

Cut actual spending to no more than revenue received.  Never add anything to the National Debt again.  If you don’t have it, you can’t spend it.  Use all surpluses to pay down the National Debt.  Repeal the authorization to borrow, you have proven repeatedly you cannot manage borrowed money.  You can’t even manage regular tax revenue

Reduce Federal regulations to very few meaningful (meaning they accomplish their stated purpose without unintended consequences) and cost efficient (meaning they cost less than they are worth to all affected parties) determined by a consortium of professional private sector accountants of well known integrity.

Reduce Federal Entitlements to the minimum helpful allotment. Reduce associated staffing.  Limit lengths of eligibility specific each kind of aid.  It’s a hand up!.  Not a lifetime contract.

Phase out all Federal Government Insurance programs, Social Security, Medicare, Disability, Loan, Flood, Crop, and Tornado, etc.  Get the Feds out of the insurance business; they’re are not authorized and they’re very poor at it.

Stop borrowing money to fund deficit spending.  Stop creating money unsupported by our economic value.  

Repeal most taxes, simplify the remainder.  Establish a single tax rate percentage.  Stop taxing income.  Tax expenditures of every kind from every source, individual, business and all non-profits.at a single rate whether you like the product or service, think its good or bad for people, or just don’t like it.  Start at a fraction of 1%, never to exceed 1% for any reason.  

If you buy nothing, you pay nothing!

Repeal all excise taxes and hidden taxes; or make them known by labeling every affected product or service with the hidden tax amount so everyone can see how much is tax and how much is actual product costs, and repeal most.

Collapse most organizations into their parent Departments, substantially reduce missions and staffs.  Repeal massive amount of enabling legislation and regulations, severely cut all budgets.  Size staffs at no more than 80% of remaining missions and functions.

Stop buying or seizing land and building facilities.  The Federal Government owns or controls much more land, equipment, material and buildings than can possibly be used, especially in the States west of the Mississippi River.  Sell all land and property not used for valid Constitutional purposes for 2 years or more.  

Close the Bureau of Land Management.  Absorb its few meaningful functions directly in Department of Interior.  

Halt all new facility construction indefinitely and cancel all facility expansions.

Cancel all Federal Government hiring, cancel all replacement hiring, cancel all new recruitments, appointments, or labor contracts.  Severely limit volunteers.

Stop doing most all of things the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches initiated without any significant forethought the past 85 years.  

Virtually all of them have failed to achieve their once noble purpose, and have since become gigantic, hideously bloated, zombies doing much more actual damage than any imaginary good.

If it's not equal liberty, equal justice, or equal treatment for all; I'm against it.

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