25 February 2015

Climate Change Questions

Many Unanswered

Yes, the history of this planet shows constant climate changes, some very quickly and cataclysmic for previously existing lifeforms.

I believe our sun will grow hotter and hotter on its way to eventual super nova, but I cannot find how quickly it's getting hotter.

I am quite troubled by the data I can access regarding Global Average Temperatures.  I would like to find annual average air temperatures; highs, lows and means, collected at various altitudes from reference points representing the geographical distributions of water and land, using reliable calibrated instruments and standard procedures; collected reliably over at least 100 years.  All I seem to find is manipulated data, no raw data, no collection points, no representation rational.

I wonder why we don’t use all meaningful data points; we have the computational capacity to average all?  

The data might not illustrate their points as compellingly as their beliefs .

Question 1.  When and where were the first reliable worldwide near ground or near sea surface air temperature readings collected with correct procedure, instrumentation and documentation?

Question 2.  When were the first International Standards for calibration and measurement of near surface air temperatures created and agreed to?

Question 3.  How many sample points are routinely collected now; how many were also sampled routinely in 1900, 1800, 1700 or earlier?

Question 4.  How are globally representative sample locations chosen?  (geography, population demographics, random lat/long, 70% over water 30% over land, and how is bias avoided)

I’ve read many studies and summary reports of studies since 1989.  I reviewed and commented on about 140 of the better reputedly scientific Global Warming and Climate Change studies for my employers over more than 30 years, retired since 2008.  Most did not exhibit much conventional scientific method, many did not use raw unmanipulated data or rationale for chosen/excluded/averaged data extrapolations.  Less than 40 studies adhered to conventional scientific method, explained rational data point choices and methods, or drew conclusions supported by the data presented.  Many had clearly manipulated data to support their desired conclusions.

Solar Radiance Output:

Question 5.  What method is used to determine energy output changes from the Sun adjusted for the Solar Activity Cycles?

Question 6.  For how many years do we have reliable measurements of various solar radiation components reaching earth?

Question 7.  At what rate have they increased or decreased?

It matters because our sun is the primary source of atmospheric heat on earth.  

Geothermal Input
I believe the next most important source of earth's atmospheric warming is geothermal escape from earth’s core and crust; magma, gas, ash and lava, venting and eruptions.

Question 8.  What percentage of global atmospheric temperature comes from geothermal contributions?

Question 9.  Has its influence lessened, increased or stayed the same for the past 100, 1,000 or 10,000 years?

Question 10.  By what measurement methods was that determined?

Question 11.  Has core magma average temperature changed measurably the past 100, 1,000 or 10,000 years?

Question 12.  Determined by what method?

Question 13.  Excluding human activities (life, industry, food production, wastes, etc.) what are the other life forms and their atmospheric temperature contributions?

And finally, human life contributions which I believe have been severely exaggerated in relative importance when compared to natural astrophysical (sun), geophysical (earth), and atmospheric (air/water vapor) physics and chemistry processes, known and unknown.

Question 14.  What percentage of near surface atmospheric heat can be attributed to human life and all of its associated needs?

I believe the sun has grown hotter and will continue, as predicted, to slowly grow hotter for billions of years until supernova.   I think magma and volcanic activity will rise and recede following peak solar cycle outputs; slowly increasing with solar output.  I think human and all other life form's contributions will remain stable, insignificant, independent of the earth’s carrying capacity, and not positively impacted by any human efforts at unnatural atmospheric or climatic interference.

Don’t pick fights using artificial methods with natural processes you don’t understand well!    

20 February 2015

Heinous Acts Stop Terrorism

Extremely Heinous Attacks
Stop Terrorism

Lately there has been a lot of discussion about preventing terror attacks by experienced novices and very experienced warriors; and a mountain of commentators, journalists, the well-meaning, elected officials and other morons and idiots.  few of them seem to understand much about severely inhumane violence or the history of successfully ending undesirable violent conflicts.

So, here are a few historical and personal observations about very basic evil behavior and a “How to List” to end terrorism from religious extremists or other primitive bigots.

It is clearly intended to be and is completely incorrect; socially, legally, intellectually, culturally, morally, ethically and politically.

If you have a delicate psyche or are just troubled by severe mayhem and mass homicide, or don’t what to know what’s necessary to stop the chain of escalating successive events of terrorist violence:

Stop Reading Now!   

If not, what follows is my assessment of what has worked historically with easily observable examples. Some that you have probably not seen or heard of in more than 50 years, if ever.

First, a few general observations

  1. Dead people cannot commit crimes of inhumane violence or terrorize anyone.
  2. Their dead siblings, spouses, parents, children or associates cannot commit crimes or terrorize anyone in retribution; they’re Dead.
  3. If non-participants fear they will be tortured, dismembered, eaten, burned alive, drowned, beheaded, repeatedly raped and publicity murdered, etc., or actually see people being tortured and murdered and it’s widely known; they will avoid terrorist affiliations.   
  4. Exchanges of minimally escalated mayhem stops when one group of active participants commits a most unimaginably heinous act on an enormous scale, killing and maiming large percentages of participants and non-participants, and is believed likely to continue doing so unless all hostilities are halted.  (i.e. Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings -  WWII, Sherman’s March to the Sea - Civil War, Kit Carson’s conquest of the Navajo - Indian Wars)
  5. The perpetrator is unwilling to listen to accusations from allies, enemies or individuals, and seems unaffected by condemnation by nations, religions, cultures or world organizations, or their spokespeople.

These kinds of things work when carefully and correctly executed in large circumstances and small, like Atomic bombings in Japan, or John “Liver-eating” Johnston (Jeremiah Johnson movie) Plains Indian conflict in the Montana Wilderness, circa 1850-1880.

The United States has not effectively used hardly any meaningful strategies in 70 years, choosing instead something called “limited warfare” an idiotic oxymoron from which sprang elaborate and moronic “Rules of Engagement” ensuring a long list of win-less conflicts through the present day anti-terrorism charades.

My suggestions for annihilating terrorism:

  1. Preposition Combined Services Assault Teams, equipment and supplies near all likely future terror event sites.
  2. Train and prepare for joint mission assaults upon terrorists regardless of the geographic location.
  3. When positioned and upon any credible intelligence, attack the location with multiple assault teams killing all there except a few high value principles, if there; collect all useful intelligence devices; destroy all infrastructure; destroy all assets; contaminate all food and water sources; flatten all possible habitation and exit quickly.
  4. Aggressively Interrogate high value assets, when no longer useful, execute them.
  5. Publish accounts of the attack with pictures taking credit for all illustrative factual aspects.  Do not comment or reply to any other source accounts, except to discredit them as terrorists sympathisers lacking first hand knowledge, and blame the terrorists and them for any dead captives.
  6. Repeat all the above with increasing frequency, ignoring all commentary, individual, national, or international organization. Quickly elevate the ferocity and heinousness.
  7. Do not apologise for anything, even something bad, even if it’s true!

Our incompetent leadership has abandoned what works for the nice, feel-good, political and social correctness of the well-meaning.

Merciless, unrelenting, heinous punishment works, choosing self-imposed artificial limitations does not. Don't worry about Terrorism's new recruits; if you are killing enough of them fast enough, new recruits will be very scarce.

And remember, when they are dead, they can’t terrorize anyone.