11 May 2012

Little is Being Learned

I notice when someone mentions intervening to save a person’s life, the automatic assumption is, we should do all we can to prohibit them from choosing poorly or behaving badly to save them from themselves.  It occurs to me that should not be the first question.

The first question is; should we intervene at all to prevent misery, agony, injury, or likely death?

And if we should intervene, for what set of maladies?

And if we should intervene for a select set of maladies, to what degree should we alleviate misery and agony or attempt to prevent injury or death, if at all?

It appears to me many are not learning anything from their mistakes.  Ignorant fools are insulated from the penalties of poor choices and mistakes in judgment.

This insulation must stop.

Errors must have pain and misery attached to them.  By allowing them to avoid the lessons and effects from their ignorance and poor choices; we are training fools. 

Real life punishes mistakes, and it must be allowed to.

Not everyone can learn from the mistakes of others.  A significant percentage must learn from the agony and misery of their own mistakes. 

Sometimes it is so heart-breaking to watch and their pain and agony so severe it would seem no human could standby while someone suffers so miserably, but we all must. 

Many will not learn if we intercede.

A benevolent person, it would seem, should intervene to try to prevent consequences or ameliorate long suffering from unwise choices, but we must not.

All should be warned by the wisdom of the ages in advance of the probable outcome based upon several millennia of experience; but they should not be prevented from being a fool if they insist.

Some see the wisdom of sage advice. 

Some observe errors of others and choose wisely for themselves. 

But, some must out live the long and excruciatingly painful price of choosing poorly.

03 May 2012

Don't Raise Taxes on Anyone

Don’t Raise Taxes on Billionaires

Lower everyone’s taxes to 15%.  No progressive rates, just a straight 15% for everyone.

No one should have to pay a higher or lower rate than Millionaires and Billionaires.  No one, rich or poor, should pay a higher or lower rate than anyone else.

That’s Tax Justice and fairness.

15% for Senators, Presidents, for Warren Buffet, for Warren’s secretary, for Mitt Romney, for Bill Gates, for all businesses, for all non-profits, for all churches, for all schools, for all unions, for all political parties, for low income, for high income, for middle income, 15% for all individuals, companies, and organizations. 

Only someone, or an extension of a person like a business or an organization, with no income or no revenue would pay no tax.

Everyone should pay the same tax rate on non-profit revenue, income, or profit.

No exemptions, no exceptions, no credits, no low income credit, no high income surcharge, no subsidizes, and no deductions. 

How much did you receive? 

Send the Federal government 15%

It would be plenty of revenue for the government’s annual costs, future costs, and paying down the debt.

It would be somewhat less than they are used to getting, so they must actually CUT spending.

And that’s what I want; much smaller Federal government, much less spending, much lower taxes, much less regulation, much safer human and constitutional rights, much more prosperity and opportunity, fewer and smaller entitlements, less lavish benefits, no mandatory participation, no means test, much less bigotry and prejudice, much less envy and jealously, much more happiness with liberty and justice for all.  And equal treatment under the law.

The only way the beast that is Federal government will lose weight, is to starve it by cutting off its revenue.  It will just keep eating away at our carcass, if we let it.

They won’t cut spending on their own.  No tax increases, no new kinds of taxes, no silly fees or fee increases; just less, much less revenue for the Federal Government.

Equal taxation, equal liberty, and equal justice for ALL citizens