25 April 2013

A Few Words

Recently I’ve been too busy to blog, but it hasn’t kept me from being agitated by a few things; one thing has irritated me often.    

President Obama gave a speech today at a memorial in Texas for those who died at the chemical storage facility explosion.  In my opinion, it was the best speech I’ve ever heard him deliver.  Whoever wrote it for him to read did an excellent job.  It was and should have been without political insinuation.  I could not find a single hint of usual cowardly demonizing of someone.  No slurs, not a cleaver double entendre or his incessant self aggrandizing that he usually finds necessary.  And even I must admit I found him Presidential for a change. 

Expect for one minor flaw, which was repeated by others earlier at the George W. Bush library dedication in many speeches by former Presidents, other officials and dignitaries, and frequently by many others throughout my life; and here it is with my suggestion.

Many well intentioned speakers close with “May God Bless America”, and I sincerely hope It might.  But, I won’t pray for something so shallow and unimportant.

I do not like them asking God to bless the unholy government of any country, or many of the things a country does that surely should not blessed by a god.  I don’t think our nation or government should be so audacious as to ask anything of God, except maybe forgiveness.

I wish they would close with “May God Bless the People of America", or “May God Bless Americans".

I know it’s a small and perhaps petty thing, but I wish they would stop trying to imply that God somehow, approves of anything our government of its officials have done or might do, much of which I don’t find remotely worthy of a blessing.

And may God continue to bless all of our citizens; especially those who pay taxes.