08 October 2013

I Don’t Want Deficit Reductions,

I Want Deficit Elimination.

For about 83 years deficits have been a common occurrence, just 5 brief periods of slight surpluses.  The last brief period we had small surpluses that were insignificant.  Today’s dollar is worth only about 9.4 cents in 1960 money.  We are not likely to see surpluses of eleven times our recent deficits for several decades.

Given our history, we are not likely to see surpluses in 1960 dollars ever in our soon-to-be more severely devalued currency.

Our history does not bode well for many years of surpluses soon.

50 years of surpluses and 2 years of slight deficits; that’s what I want to see; and stop devaluing of our money.

I don’t understand why our government can’t seem to learn to spend less revenue than it takes in year after year, its ridiculous; over-spending is a very bad habit.

Feds needs to form a new habit; surpluses forever.  Nothing is important enough to spend more money than you will have, including savings (contingency set asides; which we don’t have hardly any of right now.

Just cut all departments and programs until we are spending less than we are likely to take in.  It’s simple, revenues are reasonably predictable.

The current government caused budget morass and debt limit impasse is completely fiction.  More than enough revenue is coming in to run essential services and make debt interest payments.  The shut-down and default are a political sham. 

There is no threat of default. 

Cuts in the growth rates and actual cuts to many Federal Government programs, discretionary and not, will be required and should have been made in small increments, say 2% a year the past four years.  In just a few years surpluses can be achieved.

Surpluses forever! 

Let’s start right now with no debt limit increase until real cuts have been made and non-essential government workers, and obsolete and ineffective programs, have been slowly and systematically eliminated.