16 December 2010

Estate Taxes! Estate Taxes!!

Are you kidding me!!!

Paraphrasing Coach Jim Mora about his team’s chances for the playoffs

After years of struggle we finally got the Estate Tax to zero for 2010, where it should have always been, and the fools in Congress put it back in place as a condition to keep them from raising our Income Tax rates.

Anyone who falls for this kind of extortion is an idiot. If they were caught doing this on the street they would arrested. If you don’t give me money (Estate Taxes) I’ll break your legs (increase income tax rates). How unbelievably pathetic! At least street thugs try it while you’re alive. These grave robbing cowards wait until we’re dead.

There is no way to rationally justify stealing from the dead and their grieving heirs.

Whatever people have managed to accumulate after the massively oppressive Federal, state and local taxes, permits and fees have been paid for decades, and the government waits like a flock of vultures to rob them in their grave; it is hideous. If you did it, you would be scorned by all of humanity.

Citizens who followed most all the overly complicated, oppressive tax laws, worked hard, saved and invested wisely managing to accumulate a little something to pass on to children and grandchildren, and now, the government snatches a huge chuck of it while you and your heirs are the least able to prevent them, it’s shameful.

You’ve already paid income tax, sales tax, excise tax, and years of property taxes and in spite of their oppression you managed to succeed at growing a little nest egg, now by some twisted perverted logic the government thinks its entitled to another big chunk of what’s yours, having done nothing but try to prevent you and your family from becoming self-reliant at every turn. At 35% Estate Tax, in less than three generations it will have confiscated everything you and your family ever owned.

The government already robbed our children and our grandchildren before they were born by massively excessive over spending. They robbed us while we were alive for projects and programs the majority of us never asked for and didn’t want. And it apparently wasn’t enough, once again they’ve come back to rob us and our families from our graves.

It’s sickening, and should not be allowed happen in the land of the free.

13 December 2010

Non-Discretionary Spending


There’s no such thing as non-discretionary spending, all spending is a discretionary act.

Congresses, Presidents, and the courts have made these laws, they can change them.

I want all entitlements cut starting March 2011. I want tax revenue for these programs cut, the outlays actually cut, until they match contributions and revenues.

One percent (1%) per year for the next 10 years would be a good start.

I mean all entitlements; Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment, Veterans benefits, food stamp allotments, school meals, all the various welfare payments, except for the disabled, orphans and widows and medical aid directly to children, disabled and not, under 18 years of age.

I mean all pensions and benefits paid to any kind of former government employee; elected, appointed or volunteer.

If it gets Federal tax money, I want it cut.

All non-contributing recipients that are receiving very lavish payments, except for children, widows and the truly unable.

All contributing benefit recipients are not contributing enough for their benefit.

Lavish entitlement and benefit payments, even those co-contributed to by the eventual recipient, have long been extremely excessive.

Politicians are clearly weak and unable to say no to the ridicules demands of their contributors and constituents.

If benefit recipients want more, they should have the option to contribute more. I doubt many will. Most will choose to save more or buy annuities or invest from their own discretionary income. If not, they get the same absolute minimum benefit as everyone else.

Just offer them less or nothing. It will motivate them to take care of themselves or endure the consequences. Our excessive aid actually harms the character and self-esteem of those we intend to help.

Helping the unable is the work of churches, non-profit organization, and well-meaning philanthropic contributors. That’s why they are tax-exempt. Our citizens willing contributions to deserving causes is exemplary, legendary and unique in the whole world.

Taxpayers should not be compelled by confiscatory taxes to attempt to eliminate the suffering of the ignorant.

The Wealthy

Should not be compelled to pay more income tax as a percentage than anyone else

They can and should contribute more and they can. They can make any contribution to the US Treasury anytime they want. Nothing is preventing them from donating whatever they feel is their just and honorable additional contribution. Nothing should prevent them. I would suggest they willingly contribute an additional 200 percent, but not be compel to contribute anything above the percentage EQUAL to all other individuals.

Progressive income tax rates should be eliminated. They are unjust. All individual income must be taxed at the same rate. No individual’s income should be treated differently under tax law. Every citizen should be treated equally by all laws of the United States.

If an individual earns income benefiting from this countries opportunity and wealth, but only some are obligated to pay income tax; but even the lowest income earners should pay something for the privilege of working in this great country.

Those who earn more will pay much more in dollars at equal rates, if income is properly and justly defined.

Every citizen should pay the same tax rate on their income, regardless of their wealth.  A simple, clear, easily understood, equitable definition of income, without any adjustments, is necessary for tax equity and justice.  A ten percent income tax on a billion dollars is $100 million per year.  A 10% tax on $20,000 income would be $2 thousand, and on a $1,000 income it should be $100, just like everyone else, so the burden of the cost of government is shared equally by all.

Exemptions, credits, subsidies, transfer payments, deductions, should be eliminated. Tax free giving, having children, buying a home, and all other deductions should be eliminated.

Any governments tax department should have only purpose; that should be revenue collection.

Transfer payments should be the exclusive activity of Health and Human Services, not the Internal Revenue Service. IRS should be exclusively focused on fair, equal and just revenue collection.

Equal taxation for all

08 December 2010


I Don’t Care:

What your religion is or where you’re from.  How old you are, if you are rich or poor, or don’t have health insurance.

If you’re here legally, I don’t care what your ethnicity is. I don’t care what your parents or your grandparents or other ancestors did or didn’t do, or had done to them, or didn’t have done for them.

I care if you’re disabled or stupid. I don’t care if you’re just ignorant.

I don’t care if you smoke, overeat, or do drugs; as long as I’m not paying for them or health care for you.

I don’t care if your children are hungry. Feeding them is your job. I don’t care if you are hungry, that’s also your job. Unless you are disabled, which may mean I’ll choose with others to provide you some minor conditional aid.

I don’t care who or what you have sex with, with consent.

I don’t care if you abuse yourself, just don’t abuse me or others, and don’t ask for my help.

Don’t think I’m willing to pay for anything for you. I don’t owe you anything. I don’t want anything for you or from you, and I don’t expect anything of you.

Your misery or success isn’t any of my business. If I don’t know you, I probably don’t want to. If I don’t notice you, it’s not disrespect, I just don’t care to.

I don’t care who you are or what you are about, my life is complicated and dramatic enough. If you think you’re smart you’re probably one of the 94 % who thinks they are smarter than average, but 47% of you aren’t.

If you are incompetent, I realize you can’t know it.

I don’t care what you believe, just tell me what you know; it will take much less time and I’ll assume you will believe nearly anything else.

You see, I truly don’t care who you think you are, what your problem is, why you are here, or if you think you are owed something. I earned what I have and I don’t owe you anything and I’m not interested in buying anything for you; not Social Security, not Medicare, not food, not housing, not health care, not dignity, not respect, not education, not honor, not even pity.

You have to earn them all yourself.

I care about my citizen rights and yours’ as written in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and as decided by the Supreme Court, and the size and power of governments; not much else.

I'm for individual responsibility.