16 August 2011

Starve This Beast

We’ll never shrink the beast by letting it gorge itself on our frail, weak carcasses.

The beast is our obese government.  Its grown fat consuming even borrowed money from strangers we may never be able to pay it back.  All programs and departments must be cut, some much more than others, but all none the less.

So far, no spending cuts have occurred, but they scream like an already stuck hog.  It needs to happen very soon. 

I mean actual cut backs from a previous year’s spending.  Not just a slow down in the rate of growth.  That’s what elected politicians call cuts.  They mean slight cuts in the assumed rate of spending growth.

I mean actual cut backs in the cost of government programs and actual shrinking of the role and size of  Federal government.

And, actual reductions in both the rate of individual taxation and the gross revenue available to the Federal government; and the elimination of business taxes which are just passed along to citizens in higher prices for goods and services.

We have tried to get them to control spending, but they clearly cannot.

We tried recently to limit their ability to borrow more money, they show little interest in paying back, but we failed. 

A few have proposed a Balanced Budget Amendment, but even if it ever passed it will simply allow tax and revenue increases and no actual spending cuts greater than the planned growth rate.

Fewer still have proposed a Spending Limit Amendment.  It could solve some of the problems, but it has no support even among elected fiscal conservatives in congress.

We must starve the beast until it looses its flab and much of its considerable girth.  Only if they cannot get their hands on our money, or the authority to borrow ridiculous sums from anyone; will this slovenly beast lose weight.  

We, the people, in order to preserve our more perfect union, must not fail to starve this beast.

14 August 2011

Looting, Vandalism, Arson,

Mayhem, Assault, and Theft

These are not just expressions of civil unrest, or improper behavior to be scorned.  These rioters must not be coddled as some barometer of disappointment and unrest.

These are crimes; crimes against humanity. 

Businesses are not nameless faceless entities.  People created all of the things of their communities; businesses, buildings, stores, fixtures, and merchandise, are all human creations, as are the jobs of the people who work there. 

People, not nameless faceless moguls, invested their savings and effort in those businesses hoping they would succeed; hoping their family, friends and neighbors would work there or shop there for things they want or need.     

They did not work, save and buy property and facilities to become the human victims of criminals, thieves, ruffians and arsonists. 

The retired folks that depend upon pensions from their lifetime of work did nothing to deserve this treatment. 

The widow, whose husband poured his life and savings into a business to provide for his wife and children after his death, did nothing to deserve this criminal assault. 

The neighborhood family that needs work close to their home to provide food clothes, and medicine for their growing family doesn’t need their stores looted and burned down by morons.

The neighborhood children didn’t ask for the trauma and unrest of mayhem and assault, nor do they need to see crime tolerated or glamorized and going unpunished as a life example.

Those who commit crimes against property thinking they harm no one they know or will see, are foolishly and stupidly wrong; and they accomplish nothing useful or constructive, except drawing attention to their self induced idiocy and misery.

All crimes have human victims.  Property crimes are no exception; the human victims are just less well known by the criminal.

They could accomplish so much more by learning to write and speak about their poverty and ignorance eloquently.  And then maybe, they could get a meaningful job or make useful contributions to their community or our society.

We can only hope.

Robbing, burning, looting, beating, and maiming just destroy them and their innocent victims.

If they are too stupid or too ignorant to avoid wonton mindless destruction, then they should immediately and strenuously be dealt with as the heinous criminals and the scourges of humanity that they are.       

Not tolerated as poor, unfortunate, youth just misbehaving in public, acting out of anxiety, frustration and disadvantage because in their ignorance they know no better

Imprison them for their crimes.  They will either figure it out, or remain incarcerated, ignorant and poor until they do. 

Build more prisons, keep putting criminals in there until you have them all, and then guard them well. 

Leave them there to wallow in misery until it dawns on them that they are obligated to avoid criminality and expected to make constructive contributions to their families, neighbors and themselves.