17 September 2012

Openly Criticize Religions

Joke about the Muslim Faith Constantly

Blaspheme Allah and Mohammad Everyday.

It drives Muslin believers crazy, cripples their rational thought capability, destroys their ability to coordinate among there various factions; while we still have the most powerful military in the world and can easily defend ourselves.

It’s so easy to disturb and disrupt them.

And while we still have plenty of pigs and pork products, pig blood and carcasses to spread around, splash on, and bury to protect our most valuable and important infrastructure.  And create weapons that splash them in pig parts and blood that will literally drive them insane and damn them to hell with one splatter.

Anyone so frightened of the food product that nourishes two thirds of the known world, can’t possibly initiate, sustain, or prevail in war with peoples that will literally eat nearly everything.

The realities of the modern world so befuddle these primitive savages, that why anyone fears them except for their petty terrorist forays astounds me.  We could without assistance from any one of our allies, annihilate them from the face of the earth.  In a few days we could damage them, destroy their infrastructure, communication, militaries, foods, medicines and hospitals; and lay waste to their economies and finances, leaving them in a stone-age like chaos from 30,000 years ago.

We should go farther than that; discuss, denigrate, debate, and satirize all organized religious institutions everyday.  There should not be a paranoid phobia about religion discussions, denigration or humor.  It’s just beliefs.  If there is nothing ridiculously assuming, hypocritical, or peculiar about your religious beliefs, then it’s a very small, probably quite new, and quite obscure belief.

We should joke about, make fun of, criticize, and evaluate by comparison all religious beliefs; debate daily and publicly until the entire world becomes insensitive to critical comments, humor, slurs, or outright blaspheme; and denigrate every revered saint, savior, prophet, or deity; and discuss and compare every religious belief, and criticize every religious organization, dynasty, nation state and church everyday.

And keep doing it until people can sit quietly listening to others who believe differently and actually consider the merits of their beliefs.  No screaming, no putrid faces, no tongue sucking distain, no attempt to change their beliefs, or them to change yours; just consider for a moment that some part of what they sincerely believe may be more right, more useful, or of more help to as many other people, as the most important parts of what you believe.

It is important to be able to discuss religious beliefs quietly and peacefully; because I think more people are being deliberately murdered today for differing religious beliefs than for any other reason, including crimes and non-religious war; if there is such a thing.

If you are driven to an exasperated frenzy by a little name calling or negative comments about your favorite deity, then you are too easily distracted, your beliefs may be weak or poorly chosen, and you can be easily beaten in any conflict by a little name calling, demeaning insinuations and the denigration of a sacred person or symbol.

You are a weak combatant, easily vanquished.

Get over it; it’s just a belief, an opinion, unsupported by anything resembling proof or even any rational evidence.

Believe what you sincerely believe; but listen openly, observe carefully, and thoughtfully consider that which you do not.