15 January 2013

Pain and Misery, a tax on one is a tax on all

A Tax on One is Tax on All

It’s time for an elemental lesson in economics and human behavior.  So, if you find this a little redundant just relax; I’ll get to the point when the less informed get caught up.

Taxes are misery and punishment to enthusiastic achievers.

They modify their behavior to avoid costs and misery.

Nearly all successful, productive, informed, caring people become reasonably well off, if not rich, eventually regardless of all obstacles, and are constantly learning and trying to improve.

They usually assume they are owed nothing they have not earned.

They work hard, live frugally, have permanent savings, invest carefully and conservatively, and pay close attention to costs, risks and rewards.

They learn a lot by observation.

Ignorant people are poor, foolish, and miserable, plagued by fate, often ill, and usually die young.

They rarely bother to learn anything new and useful throughout their lives.  And self improvement rarely occurs to them.

They nearly always assume they are owed something from everyone and everything, irregardless of what they may have tried to earned.  

They learn little if anything by observation.  They learn little from pain and misery.

Here’s as essential part of the economic lesson; productive, efficient, contributors and achievers are creative.  Their businesses and enterprises sell goods and services to the general public (mostly middle and lower income people, or foolish governments).  They invest their profits in stable incomes (interest and dividend producers) for themselves and their families for the future. 

If you increase their costs by increasing taxes, regulations, or other expenses; they will add those costs to the products and services they sell to us.

So, when you think in some juvenile fantasy you are punishing the rich by increasing their costs; you are actually punishing your family, your friends and yourself.

You are not and can not penalize the wealthy in any way they will not pass onto you, nor will you stop or delay noticeably any productive, creative, achievers from earning their just share.

You will significantly increase your own misery and expense.

A non-progressive, deduction-less, single, low, taxation rate for all would be Tax Justice.

Never wish for a tax on anyone else, you would not wish pay yourself.

A Tax on One is a Tax on All.