28 November 2009

Health Care Tax Bill

No Health Care Improvements

It’s not health care reform. It could be called Fundamental Health Insurance Change Bill. It could be called Union and Government Benefit Plan Bailout Bill. It could be called the Medical Services Tax Bill. Maybe, it should be called the Health Care Tax Revenue Bill or “No Health Insurance” Penalty Tax Bill.

It does nothing to improve or increase the quality, or availability, or volume of medical CARE. Health CARE all ready cannot be denied to anyone who needs it and taxpayers and the insured all ready pay for that. Care providers make up for non-payers by overcharging those who can pay.

These proposed laws do nothing to lower health care costs. They do lower certain kinds of government health care reimbursement. It turns price controls and rationing of services over to new government bureaucracies increasing medical care costs.

If you want to lower the price; increase supply and cut government involvement.

If you want to increase access; increase funding for health care training and invest in more medical facilities and equipment.

It does nothing to increase wellness. It does nothing to reduce medical malpractice or the cost of it insurance, nothing to limit outrageous malpractice settlements, nothing to simplify insurance availability or increase competition.

These bills will accomplish no useful reforms in health care.

Much of the language in the House and Senate bills modifies or increases tax law, tax revenue, regulation and reporting.

These so called, “Health Care Reforms” will cover very few people who don’t have health INSURANCE that want it.

The people who need health CARE and can’t afford it know to go to local emergency rooms and lie about their ability and intent to pay.

It will bailout the state governments, unions and large enterprises that caved into silly excessive demands by employees for coverage that pays all or most of simple visits to the doctors office and routine annual procedures. You must look hard to find high deductible insurance to safeguard your home, your savings, or investments just from catastrophic medical care costs.

This idiotic, poorly developed, grossly over-priced, thinly disguised, seriously corrupt, nonsensical attempt is just to bribe the ignorant poor into voting for the lazy, deceitful, medaling, socialist-progressive, incumbents and corrupt, self-centered, job-scared cowards who vote only for what’s best for themselves. Stop this travesty and don’t re-elect those who perpetrated this pathetic attempt to defraud the people, obstruct our rights, and loot our treasury.

Elect people who understand this nation, its constitution, and the rights and power of its people

23 November 2009


All of Them

Political, sexual, and religious abuses, cruelty, violence, mayhem, torture, and murder; what has become of “moderation in all things” - Terence 185-159 BC?  Obsessions and the compulsion to take them to abusive extremes seem to have grown quickly in recent decades.

What has happened to the various world cultures that fractions of them have gone to extremes and the rest do not appear to condemn it?

Politicians demonize all who do not feel as they do. Molesters attack the defenseless and deviates attack all that choose differently than they. Believers exclude all other beliefs and murder, abuse and enslave while others among them stand by tolerating it. Many have taken self abuses to the extreme and expect others to help them overcome or tolerate their obsessions. Violence and lawlessness are rampant and tolerated when it’s directed toward others, and allowed to go unchecked even by those officially charged with its control.

What could this be? Extremities are not new, but this volume and frequency seems to be. It could be the result of much more information about what others might be doing or not doing. It could be a byproduct of increasing despair and disappointment with long established values and institutions. It could be the massive increase in ignorance and the bigotry, prejudice, discrimination, and poverty that comes from ignorance, selfishness and corruption. It could be toleration. You do get what you tolerate.

Muslims aren’t the only religious extremists murdering non-believers. Progressives aren’t the only political extremists ignoring human rights. Child molesters aren’t the only sexual extremists preying on the defenseless. Addicts aren’t the only substance abusers. Drug gangs and terrorist aren’t the only ones committing mayhem on the innocent.

Extreme behavior must be stopped with overwhelming irreversible and swift excessive punishment, more severe than anyone finds appropriate. Unacceptable behaviors only stop when harsh unexpected official action is taken with little warning so that the offending entities can only blame themselves for bringing this terrible reaction upon themselves, or they are dumbfounded to conceive of or execute a response that is more hideous and likely to bring another even more unimaginably horrible punishment.

All actions that fall short of unexpected, overwhelmingly punitive, and nearly unimaginably punishment will not diminish extremist behaviors.

18 November 2009

Save Failing Newspapers,

No way!

Newspapers are failing for many easily identifiable reasons. Among them:

1. The purchase and delivery is grossly over priced to the consumer. They should be free to the user.

2. Their ad space is excessively over-priced compared to its commercial and personal value.

3. It is old news, often two to three days slower than television or internet.

4. Biases annoyingly color and inaccurately report what little reporting they attempt.

5. There is little if any local news, unless you live in a major city.

6. Many papers are already subsidized to some extent by local zoning, property tax breaks, government notices and ordinances requiring use, and political ads.

7. Their journalistic ethics are abysmal.

8. They’ve mostly forgotten their mission and the contract with our culture.

9. The 4th Estate (the Press) implies nobility and honor, they’ve lost theirs.

Those papers that cannot survive without help should collapse under the weight of their own corruption, mismanagement and dishonor. The survivors may rediscovery their purpose, establish a new paradigm and some ethics, and perhaps earn some honor again.

We don’t need what newspapers once were or what they have become. We may not even need what they will become, but they should try to prove themselves in the free and unfettered marketplace of ideas.

Eliminate subsidies to all newspapers, especially the financially mismanaged.

16 November 2009


Mr. President

You are speaking way too often. It would be wiser for you to listen much more. Not just to those self anointed experts from within the beltway, or those manipulative ideologues from Chicago, or the self-absorbed media people from the northeast. It might be wise for you to not speak at all for several weeks or months, maybe for the rest of whatever may remains of your term.

You need to go on listening tours of small towns and rural areas of the central and western states. Stay out of the cities. You, Sir, are poorly informed and are being badly misled by your inter-circle. I think they are afraid to tell you the truth or let you see any unpleasant facts. Their assumption and yours, that all that has gone before you was wrong and holds no lessons of value for today, is entirely wrong.

You are repeating the economic mistakes of the 1930’s and 40’s. You are providing money to those who do not create real jobs. Return massive amounts of tax money to taxpayers. Stop taxing businesses. Demand will create many more jobs than government spending. Your thinly disguised massive subsidies of obstructionist Unions, corrupt banks, and incompetent states and their excessive pensions and expensive health plans are a massive mistake that will cripple generations of future working Americans. Expanded and massive new government entitlements and reparations for the non-working poor and illegal immigrants, mostly blacks and Latinos, are a shameful political bribe.

Your affiliations with Marxists, Socialists, and Communists radicals bent on overthrow of our capitalistic way of life, is unacceptable and destructive to the future survival of these United States. Your naïveté of human behavior and the value systems of other nation’s cultures is an embarrassing abomination.

So get out of your familiar, like minded circle of America hating intellectual elitists, and go among the real people. Sit with them and ask what they think. Listen and learn correcting your misinformed, poorly educated, misdirected animosity for the American way of life. Most working Americans expect and want much less from our Federal government. It isn’t worth what it costs now. Many of things it has sold us we didn’t want and didn’t ask for. Many of the things it thinks are benefits we should be grateful for are punitive mistakes that have and will rob us of our rightful earnings and destroy our self-esteem; they were just voter bribes calculated to keep party incumbents in office.

While I’m at it let me remind you that lying with what your advisers think is the cleaver misuse of our language isn’t, it’s just insulting. If it wasn’t corrupt and deceitful, the Public Health Care Option would truly be optional, not compulsory; terrorists would be terrorists, not criminals regardless of their religion; and lying, back-stabbing, corrupt, thieving politicians that accept special treatment, fill their pockets with special interest money, exempt their friends from laws intended for everyone, and steal promised benefits from the elderly after systematically robbing them of their life’s earnings; are just lying, back-stabbing, corrupt, thieving politicians.

Just in case your entitlements don’t work out as you imagine, we want a Taxpayer Option.

A Money-back plus Interest Option!

03 November 2009

Johns Hopkins Update

Johns Hopkins, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center http://www.hopkinskimmelcancercenter.org

Recently a report exaggerating the value of dietary changes and minimizing the effectiveness of clinical therapies has been circulated on the internet and falsely attributed to Johns Hopkins.

I received one, so I went to their website. They refute each of the assertions in sensible detail. Below is what they have participated in and recommend.

Several Johns Hopkins experts participated in the World Cancer Research Fund - American Institute for Cancer Research report Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and the Prevention of Cancer: A Global Perspective, published in November 2007, which is considered by cancer prevention experts to be an authoritative source of information on diet, physical activity and cancer.

Their recommendations for cancer prevention and for good health in general are:

1. Be as lean as possible without becoming underweight.

2. Be physically active for at least 30 minutes every day.

3. Avoid sugary drinks. Limit consumption of energy-dense foods (particularly processed foods high in added sugar or low in fiber, or high in fat).

4. Eat more of a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes such as beans.

5. Limit consumption of red meats (such as beef, pork and lamb) and avoid processed meats.

6. If consumed at all, limit alcoholic drinks to 2 for men and 1 for women a day.

7. Limit consumption of salty foods and foods processed with salt (sodium).

8. Don't use supplements to protect against cancer. Our experts recommend that people meet their nutritional needs through their food choices. While vitamin supplements can be helpful in people with nutritional deficiencies, evidence suggests that supplementation above what the body can use provides no added health benefit.

Cancer is a disease caused by genetic alterations. Many times, these alterations occur through our own behaviors—cigarette smoking, a poor and unbalanced diet, virus exposures, and sunburns, says cancer prevention and control expert John Groopman.

Most of the above was copied from the Johns Hopkins website. I was going to attach the misinformation to show how sensible sounding information can be easily accepted, but it’s foolish to give it any more exposure.