14 August 2012

American Conservative Party,

It’s Time

It’s time for a new American political party; independent and conservative.  Maybe called the American Independent Conservative Party (AICP), maybe CIAP, or ICAP.  Whatever, it doesn’t matter much what it’s called.

What matters most is that it is independent of the Democrat and Republican parties; and that it adheres to Conservative principles, but departs from historical political party methods and behaviors.  

I began writing this blog before I knew there already was an American Conservative Party.  Now that I have discovered it I will provide their link here and insert their creed.  I’m pleased to have discovered that there are many people with whom I share a conservative view of how a free and independent people should allow their government to behave.

So without their permission, but I hope with their blessing, here is what I promised:

Please visit their website to learn much more about true conservatism.

The ACP Creed is a belief system of how we feel a just government and its citizens should interact.
Unalienable rights to life and liberty are given to us by our Creator; these rights exist separate from, and are superior to, government. 

Individuals are responsible for securing the blessings of liberty through the exercise of their rights.

The individual is sovereign over one's person; their labors constitute a foundation for private property that is not subject to the demands of others.

Governments are formed by the will of the people to secure and defend human liberty. 

Law exists to support liberty and mediate disputes where conduct of one infringes upon the rights of another. 

The armed forces and law enforcement exist to bolster private defense, not to supplant it. 

The American Experiment was born out of these beliefs and it has resulted in a bountiful gain for the human condition. 

1. The insert above was modified slightly for presentation here.
2.  Please visit the American Conservative Party website to view their Foundation and Principle statements. 

It need not support or endorse candidates for the 2012 elections, but it needs to build structure and influence and begin endorsing local, state and national candidates as early as 2013 using primarily modern media technologies and a network of affiliates and associates unlike historical and conventional political parties.

There are many new methods for participating in forums and discussions and to develop platforms and garner constituents without conventional political practices, structures, parties, machines, publicity, advertising, conventions, fundraising, cronyism, corruption, and dirty tricks.

Just compete enthusiastically in the national free market places for ideas.

The other old trappings of historical politics are, or soon will be unnecessary. 

And stop talking about “taking back’ or “going back” to anything, talk only about going forward to a new and better government, more responsive and more effective, less wasteful and Constitutionally compliant; and incidentally smaller, cheaper, less corrupt, and less invasive and mettlesome. 

If you want to talk about the past, talk about the 65 year old failed socialist policies of the current administration, and their failure to learn from those mistakes, or their apparent unwillingness to learn from their more recent mistakes.  

Socialist and communist ideologies are without any sustainable ideas that might ever work for long, they just keep taken things they haven’t earned, and are unwilling to make, until they use up all the resources without investing any capital in resources, people, technology; or saving anything from which to rebuild a free market economic recovery.

And they never seem to learn any better.      

13 August 2012

A Person’s Religious Beliefs

A Personal Private Choice

None of the media’s business, not the government’s business, not a matter for political inquiry, no one else needs to know and it is actually prohibited by law from being an item of consideration in hiring, firing, compensation, discipline or the conduct of commerce like the sale or rent of a home. 

These statements and those that follow are my opinion as a citizen, not as a professional in any specific discipline, nor a licensed practitioner of anything; just my assertion of how I believe it should be understood commonly and statutorily, and how it should be practiced by responsible humans.

A person may express a religious faith, label themselves, erect religious symbols or mark their personal property, or not.  They may choose not to be religious, they may choose to decry those who are religious, or worship anyone or anything they wish to believe in. 

All of these choices are personal and private, and of absolutely no significance to anyone else.  I have religious beliefs and I assume you have some if you want them.  I didn’t ask what you believe.  I don’t want you to tell me.  They are your personal beliefs.  I’ll not ask you what you believe or why.  Don’t ask me.  I’m not looking for anyone to agree with me and I don’t care if you believe anything I believe.  No one else needs to believe the same as either of us.  It’s not a popularity contest.  Chances are quite good I won’t believe a single thing you believe anyway.  Which beliefs have the most human followers means nothing.  It’s my guess about 98% of religious believers are mistaken.  It doesn’t matter.  Numbers of followers are not the test, truth is.

There is no right or wrong belief for the living.  It’s just a belief.  There is no meaningful test for the dead either; it’s too late, they have already made their choices, they cannot be unmade.  

If you chose poorly, it’s for eternity.

A Person may, if they wish, like or dislike someone because of their religion, they may choose not to associate with a person of this faith or that.  They may even publicly defame anyone using their religious affiliation as the reason, and they may say this religion or that religion is wrong, bogus, or harmful, should be prohibited, won’t get you into heaven, or anything else they think or feel about a religion or the lack of one.

A person may practice their religion or choose not to practice any religion.

A person may practice all the precepts of their religion any time and any place, provided the practices do not endanger anyone’s health, or safety, or restrict movement or free association of anyone else without their permission, or violate the rights of other believers or any non-believers.

Some of the thousands of government recognized religions have ceremonies and practices that offend non-believers; like animal sacrifice, prohibition against buying insurance, misbehavior punishments, saluting the national flag, various sexual and marital taboos, allowing medical treatments, self mutilation, scarring and branding, etc.  These and most all other practices are permitted by consenting adults, if not specifically prohibited by Federal, state, or local laws or limited by regulation, for instance you cannot prevent medical care of a sick or dying child, no matter what you believe.  Generally, the forcing of any religious practice upon anyone, especially the infirmed, the incompetent; or anyone by violence or deception (like covert drugging), or of any non-adult (child) competent or incompetent  is, or should be, illegal and abhorrent.

A individual person should be, and I believe is, free to practice their religion any place and anytime, but not free to coheres, force, or conspire to coheres, anyone else to do so with them, nor connive, deceive or compel anyone by the incidence of public event attendance, conscription without consent, or threat of monetary penalty, or persecution and eternal damnation to participate or appear to participate by any contrivance, deceptive or not.  

Go ahead, practice any religion you wish.  But do not even attempt to compel or to force any others who do not wish to practice your religious beliefs, or any other belief, or no religious belief at all.

Do not use any of my resources, my attendance, my image, or constrict or subvert my rights as a citizen or a human.

In the United States it is not your right to compel me to, or create the appearance that I believe anything, religiously!

Do not waste your time trying!    

01 August 2012

Our Government Doesn’t Allow Success

We Earn That Ourselves

Shame on you, Mr. President; apparently you have forgotten what little you might have once known about government by consent of “We the People”.  Last week you said the government allowed us to become successful.  Wrong, Mr. President, so wrong.  We don't need government permission or any government help to become successful; just stop over-regulation, over-taxing, and needless interference.    

We allowed you, Mr. President, and we’ve regretted each and every day of your administration since.

We originally allowed the government and established its limits.

You, nor our government, had anything to do with what we were endowed with by our creator.

My parents received no help from any government when I was born.  They were hard working farmers in Eastern South Dakota.  No Medical care, no farm subsidy, no welfare, no paved roads, no electricity or running water; just the expectation that if they worked hard eighteen hours a day, planned ahead, acted wisely, took good care of the land, equipment, buildings, livestock and their family, and trusted in God for the things they could not influence; they might be successful someday.

Farming wasn’t to be my father’s success.  He sold out, moved to California with help from his family, not the government.  Although the government made sure it took its tax from everything he had made.  He became quite successful, in spite of government restrictions, excessive taxation, constant regulation and interference, mostly by buying and developing real estate.

He developed a very successful business building and leasing billboards, with no help from the government.  A business which the “Beautify America Act of 1964” made illegal destroying everything my father had built, all the while governments only provided harassing interference, endless regulation, exhaustive permitting, and punitive taxes which it used to build poor roads and faulty bridges, and ineffective schools, and unnecessary government jobs, and expensive offices, ineffective and lavish entitlement programs, and pointless conferences, and meaningless travel on the backs of my father’s and other taxpayers hard work, rewarding them with more interference and more confiscation for more government than they had asked for or could possibly pay for. 

My mother worked hard raising a family and working for others, and eventually owning and running several small businesses.  The government never helped, they only interfered and took all they could confiscate from her hard work too.  My folks never needed nor ever sought anything from the Federal government.  

I went to schools my father’s hard work helped pay for.  I drove to work, sometimes at three different jobs per day, on roads my father built and some he helped pay for.  I earned the right to go to a college, which my wife and I, and my parents and hers, helped pay for with no help from the government.  I earned my degrees, none were granted by the government.  We paid our own way by working while I went to college, all the while the government took part of our wages for failed social programs, and gave college entrance and jobs to those who had not earned them, in a seat next to me and we paid for them to be there.

Our government didn’t help me find and keep a job, get and use an education, buy and maintain a home, raise and support family, work 60 and 70 hours a week, save money for retirement, stay healthy, or pay for medical care, or ever give my family money for food; instead it just took some of what we made without option, for things we didn’t want and didn’t ask for, and gave it to those who might never earn anything.

Governments were a constant hindrance!  They put unnecessary roadblocks in the way frequently.  Conscripted us without option into programs like Social Security and Medicare that any fool could plainly see would be bankrupt by the time we might need them.  And robbed us of hard earned money most of which it then wasted on frivolous vote buying programs.  And we never wanted or ever sought anything the Federal government had to offer, and we never thought we were owed anything, and we never took anything we didn’t earn

So, Mr. President you have it exactly wrong.

We allowed you and our fraudulent, corrupt, excessively repressive government to violate the pact between; “We the People” and a badly flawed mutant version of our original Federal government.

You are right about one thing, Mr. President; we didn’t do that by ourselves.