03 April 2015

Infidels Negotiating with Muslims

The “Great Satan” negotiates with Iran.  Am I the only one finding this completely idiotic?

Apparently, some in the western world feel Shia Muslims will honor agreements spoken or written and signed, that are not in their best interests economically militarily or politically with any non-Muslim is ignorant, demented, severely impaired and mentally ill, or all the proceeding.

Has this Administration, its minions and supporters gone completely nuts?

Muslim’s cannot honor any agreements made with infidels, signed or not.  Their spoken or signed words are meaningless.  I believe binding agreements with non-Muslim’s are completely invalid under their laws.

Their word has never been good, spoken or signed, with the “Great Satan”.  

The Shia Muslim leaders of Iran do not intend to comply with any terms, especially those that limit their progress toward nuclear weapons, regardless what is said or written to which they may appear to agree.

Even if some agreement is reached; how could it be enforced?  What penalty, what cure, what punitive measures would be prescribed in the agreement; economic sanctions?  Sanctions have never once changed Iran’s intentions since 1979.  Their public acts of deceit have become more clever, but their intentions remain constant.

Iran’s leadership only understands heinous violence, hideous mayhem and massive destruction.

Only one thing will work to correct their non-conformance with any nuclear non-proliferation agreement; that is the assured destruction of all that is Iran.  Its leadership, the whole of its peoples; their homes, businesses, hospitals, schools and Mosques must be obliterated.

They must understand that we will use the severest cure at the first evidence of any transgression, no matter how slight.

Anything short of the likely use of heinously unfathomable destruction and their virtually total annihilation will compel them to comply.

Shia Muslim sympathizers and inept government officials, beware; you are just a useful idiot for them.  

If you feed the crocodile, it may eat you last; but be assured, it will eat you.