25 August 2013

Non-Christian Conservative

Some may be alarmed that there is such a thing.  I’ve been a Conservative all of my adult life, in spite of most of my far flung family and relatives being Democrats, Liberals and Socialists.

I am a fiscal Conservative and don’t care about social issues in the political forum; a Cultural Libertarian.

I’m a social Libertarian and do not believe do-gooders and the governments have any business dictating personal choices for anyone in our cultural; unless they are receiving entitlements.

I’ve been a non-Christian more than fifty years.  I’m religious, just not a member or believer in any organized Christian church.  I don’t believe I need any self-ordained intermediary, middleman, or broker to speak with God.  I’ve never asked God for anything for myself and never will.  I’ve never asked God to bless our country or its government, only its people; and never will.  I’ve never asked our Government for anything except for the careful use of the vast amounts of money I’ve sent them, and the enormous amount of land and other resources we have allowed them to use, though it certainly has imposed a lot on me and my family.

One need not be a believer in any religion to be a Conservative.  They need only believe in the care and careful use of the things that our Creator has made available to us, and truly doing things for people that in the long run genuinely benefit them when they are truly in need, not just when they want them, or think they are owed something they haven’t earned.

I believe in using but not wasting what I’ve earned.  I believe in preparing for our and our family’s needs, and helping them avoid some of the calamities and miseries of fate, tyranny, conscription, crime and violence.

I believe in individual taxpaying citizen freedoms and minimum government.  I believe our Federal, State, County and City governments should be much smaller, much less intrusive, much less expensive, and focused on the defense of our country and its borders, and protection of our lives, our rights, our liberties, and our properties.   

Religious bigots need to stay out of politics; it just tarnishes what noble beliefs they may have, and the truly religious have no business seeking association with the vile and tawdry worlds of politics or government.

What I choose to do privately that affects only me or no other non-consenting adults; or what I choose to think, or to say, or to write; or what I choose to believe or not believe; is certainly no one else’s business

I’m just a Conservative that values our inalienable rights, and abhors tyranny, waste and corruption; and respects the honor and dignity of other hard working, wealth creating, law abiding citizens of the world.