05 December 2009

Want Lower Costs?

Increase Supply.

Fuel costs too high, increase supply. Electricity costs too high, increase supply. Medical costs too high, increase supply. It’s demand that determines supply

Do not subsidize fake demand. It’s false and only steals profit from the economy and reduces tax revenue.

Reduce market restrictions and excessive unnecessary government regulation, restrictions and fees.

Create freer, fairer and more open markets that can evolve quickly to meet new and emerging demands.

A word about conservation, and the senseless and wasteful misuse of anything; no one should take more than they will use, or horde, or try to save things that cannot be preserved.

Who buys more fuel than they need and doesn’t use it? Who buys more electricity than they want and just wastes it? Or buys more than they will eat just to let it spoil; not any sane person.

You cannot meet this nation’s economic and security needs by conserving energy, or by artificially raising its price. These actions will reduce supply and increase the price of everything. Provide more beneficial energy. If you want consumers to buy energy from new production methods instead of old, it must be plentiful, reliable, practical, and its total costs must be competitive.

Everything we eat is grown or raised using energy; processed, transported, stored, distributed, displayed, and sold; or manufactured, transported, warehoused, transported, displayed, sold, and carried home using energy. And then more energy is necessary to use or store it for future use. And even more energy is required to prepare for and go to the work to earn the resources necessary to sustain life.

If there are 10 actions using energy from creation to final use, and you add 10 percent to the cost of energy in each of them, you could double the cost adding 100% to everything you need and use including whatever you do to earn the money to buy them.

First, the government should adopt policies that encourage, not subsidize the production of more fuel, more gas, more electricity and not restrict it. Crisis exaggeration and radical policies by the government are thwarting demand.

Second, encourage alternative energy methods by research and incentive helping to make them economical, not by subsidy or restrictive conservation, not by making existing methods artificially expensive or restricting supply.

04 December 2009

It’s Jobs, Stupid

Created by Demand

The President apparently doesn’t know where jobs come from. They are not bought by the government. The purchase of goods and services bought by the government can help create jobs. These purchases are made however with taxes or borrowed money. Taxes rob individuals of the purchasing power that creates real jobs and government borrowed money robs businesses of the capital they need to grow.

Demand, sufficient to create a likely PROFIT and sustainable into a predicable future, will eventually create new jobs.

Not government regulation, not tiny government tax credits, not government meetings with non-business people about how to create jobs; anything short of individual and business tax cuts, reduced government spending, and minimum government interference (regulation) will allow the opportunity for increased demand.

If you let the people keep substantially more of what they earn, massive tax cuts and large rebates will allow demand to rapidly increase.

If you stop taxing businesses so oppressively, they will have the resources to investment to benefit from increased demands for their goods and services from people and other businesses; more new jobs!

Stop subsidizing old jobs. Stop all protectionist tariffs and subsidizes. These two actions alone would be a strong incentive for new job creation.

The current administration has fostered fear, suspicion, and uncertainty, threatens increased taxes and severe regulation, and maligns business profit and individual wealth. They have deepened and prolonged the current economic recession by doing the exact opposite of what is needed.

Cut taxes deeply and quickly.

Cut government payroll and project spending to levels lower than probable future revenue immediately.

Stop the government threats, government induced uncertainty, massive deficit spending, and the excessive expansion of unneeded social programs.

Stop punishing businesses with excessive taxes and fees. It just retards investment.

Your policies, Mr. President, are the primary cause of massive unemployment.