08 February 2012

Government Jobs,

Are Not “Real” Jobs

Some government jobs are work and those who do them get paid, but they don’t make money.  There’s no profit made from the activities of government employees; not legally anyway.

The money used to pay them, comes all most entirely from taxes paid on the profits of businesses or the pay checks of their employees.  Government employees are supposed to pay taxes too, of course, but the money for their pay comes from taxes on business profits and the paychecks of the people with “Real” jobs. 

Non-profit and philanthropic employees pay income taxes, but from money donated by businesses and individuals either before or after taxes; so, again it’s money made by others.  If they were paying their employees from surplus revenue (profit); they would not be qualified as non-profit would they?

The only sort of “profit-like” revenue generated by governments is interest on deposits of surplus revenue, which they haven’t had since the 1990’s and rarely ever for many decades before.  Occasionally, but not for the past hundred years, the government sells enough surplus land to make a profit, but usually they’ve spent so much money “managing” it, that it rarely sells at a profit. 

The government also gets fees, royalties, and natural resource lease fees, rarely does it ever produce a profit, the government process and procedures all most always cost more than the revenue was worth.  Recycling and the sale of surplus equipment produce some revenue, but it always seems to cost more than it recovers.

So, although some government jobs recover part of their cost, none make a profit; and therefore are not “Real” jobs.

“Real” jobs are created by businesses to service current or expected demand for their products and services for a profit.  If the business and its employees do a good job of meeting the demand, the business makes a profit and pays taxes on it and for its employees; and the employees have a job and pay income taxes and payroll taxes on their pay checks, that the employer was willing to pay them for the chance to make a profit for the owners.

Without demand, there is no profit, without profit there is no real job, without real jobs there is no tax revenue to pay government employees for the time they spend at their pretend jobs.

So, get a real job helping business owners and managers make a profit, and you and your coworkers have a job and can pay your taxes; so, millions of people with pretend jobs can do the good things that help other people make money; so, we can help the ignorant and poor and government employees reelect Democrats; so, they can all pretend they have meaningful lives.

Get a Real Job.

Make some money for those who bother to save and invest in this country and its people.

Pay your taxes, so others have a job pretending to do something they think you might need or want.

Get a Real Job. 

Think ahead, save and invest in businesses and people; not governments.