07 January 2015

Your Legacy, Mr. President

If you or anyone else wanted to get an analytical sense of the value of your Presidency.

You need only ask and answer two simple questions to quickly depict the gist of your legacy.

Two easily quantified answers will lead directly to a clear picture in any one's mind.

Two numbers will exhibit your contributions to the hard working, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens of our country.

The first simple question is; How many people were working full-time (40 hours per week of more) for wages when you took Office as President?

The second simple question is; How many citizens are working full-time for wages today?

The difference between the beginning your temporary tenure and now is quantifiable as a positive or negative number.

The answers are:

Then 106* million 46.4% and now 113.44* million, 47%, a plus 0.6% increase in the number full-time workers working for money in 6 years!  The current number includes a increase of millions being paid from tax money or working for organizations that never pay any income taxes. 

The difference, Mr President, indicates the value of your contributions.

A minuscule increase of 6/10ths of 1 percent, nearly invisible, virtually insignificant.

* these numbers pending additional confirmation because working non-citizens, working prisoners, and questionable governmental and special tax-exempt employee numbers seem to be misrepresented.  The difference between then and now may actually be (0) zero or (-) negative.