06 July 2014

You’re Only Owed What You Earn

You should only be paid what you can prove you’re worth.

Not some amount you imagine, or some imposed minimum wage just because you are alive, sucking air and capable of reproducing. 

Get an education, learn a skill; go to work.  If you consistently prove you are worth something; you will be compensated based upon the value of your contributions. 

If you think you are worth more; explain your value to the boss and ask politely for a reasonable raise. 

If you don’t get it, work harder, follow instructions and rules, be on time ready to work, get more training and education, be a pleasant helpful worker. Ask what you are not now doing, or what you can do better.

If that doesn’t work, apply elsewhere immediately and effectively for a better job. 

When you get a better job; quit the old one and move on politely.

Another word or two about Minimum Wage laws; they are unwise, destructive, erode self esteem, and one way or another are a false indication of a workers' or a jobs' actual value. 

Individuals have the right to work for free; if they want.  Or for some amount of money they agree to, or for food, housing or medical care, or training and experience, or to help others, or just for fun; if they wish.

Government decided wages leads to Government decided prices; then to Government decided everything; what you wear, what you eat, where you live, when you work, what you do, if you get medical care, if you get a car or a coat and what color it will be, who you can be seen with and what you can say in public and in private.

You won’t like it.

There is No Free Stuff,

There should not be Prohibited Stuff

 Both, Free things and Prohibited things are wrong, although the unintended consequences are different, both have them.  I grew up in the fifties.  We knew nothing was free by simple observation, and that someone had to have paid for it or it wouldn’t exist.  The only commonly known prohibitions were driving without a license, buying booze, and gambling for money.  We knew there were other laws that affected adults, but we only cared about those constraining us.

As a child growing up in a small desert railroad town on the way to Las Vegas we knew that gambling was prohibited for those of us under 21 years of age; but in a railroad town train crews laid-over in alternating directions for the next train.  With lots of free time there was always a poker game in room 103 of the Lay-Over Hotel.  I learned to play poker and cheat for money from off duty Rails willing to take a 12 year old kid’s money for amusement. 

As a 14 year old I bought beer, at 15 I bought Gin and malt liquor, at 16 I bought any liquor I wanted with fake Identifications stolen from Marines and modified to past as 21 year olds with out of state drivers licenses.

At 14 I bought a partially disassembled motorcycle from a junk yard and fixed it up, drove it to work with my father’s permission, staying mostly on utility roads, and off-road, avoiding local police and state highway patrol for almost 2 years before I had a learners permit.

Prohibitions create big black market businesses, have for thousands of years, and always will.  If there’s enough demand there will be providers.  If there is strong enough need, there will be many violators.

So much for Prohibitions!

Now, how about Free stuff; as a carefully observant young person, I noticed I never got anything for free.  If it seemed to be free, I knew someone must have paid to create it.  I didn’t work for free.  I didn’t know anyone who made stuff for free.  I never got anything for free that didn’t eventually cost me alot money, or misery or both in some way.  Subsidies are stupid also; just more artificially free stuff.  

How are these two alike?  They are artificial, fake, and phony. 

An attempt to limit dangerous mistakes made by children doesn’t require more ridiculous laws; it requires more effective education and more responsible parenting.

Attempting to limit dangerously ignorant behavior by adults is a foolish and expensive waste of time and money.  STOP IT, and stop deceiving ignorant people by implying that things can be FREE.