25 June 2010

No Illegal Immigrants

Enough Criminals Already.

I favor allowing some useful immigrants from all nations. My great, great grandfather was an immigrant from Norway and spoke only Norwegian. He quickly learned English. He insisted that all his offspring learn English and become Americans. My American ancestors quickly abandoned the language, habits and culture of their forefathers becoming Americans with reverence for their past.

No nation needs millions of people that cannot read or write in any language or that are fleeing prosecution for crimes committed there or here. No nation needs a large, ignorant, underclass to be taken advantage of by criminals, charlatans, politicians, and other unscrupulous takers.

Why would America want to become Haiti, Bangladesh, or Mexico; ignorance just breeds misery, corruption, disease, despair, poverty and crime. If you can’t learn American habits, and to read, write, and speak in English in a year or two; you should immediately return to whatever corrupt, malignant, ignorant culture you came from.

We don’t need you here if you can’t learn to contribute legally.

If you make more than you take, if you can imagine a new future for yourself and your family, if you can learn a new language and culture while respecting your old one, and learn to obey our laws, then you could become a proud American citizen.

If not, please go somewhere else.

02 June 2010

Smart President

"The people of these United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and courts not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert that constitution."

Abraham Lincoln