01 January 2017

More Health Care, not more insurance

Affordability or accessibility to Health Care is what's needed, and little has been done to improve either.

Not more access to Health Insurance that fewer people that actually have to pay can afford now.

It's simple supply and demand.

For many decades little has been done to train and educate extra Physicians, Nurses, and more recently Physician's Assistants.  It's consistently been made harder and more expensive to become any of these.

Less supply

Much was done the past eight years to close hospitals and clinics restricting access in much of the less populated parts of the country, making Health Care both less available or affordable for many.

Much has been done to increase demand for Health Care.

Advertising new medicines, new ailments and diseases, new treatment, new research; along with an aging population, and constant government advertising for Health Insurance, and a constant political and media campaign insisting that Health Insurance is a constitutional/human right for those who can't afford it, whether they are citizens, or not.

More demand

Anyone who has studied economics will tell you; more demand than supply, prices will go up quickly.

More Additional government requirements, more unnecessary costs; means higher prices.

Higher prices means less affordability and less access.

What's needed for faster, better and cheaper Health Care; and perhaps Health Insurance?

More Health Care!  Train more Physicians, Nurses and PA's!  Encourage more medical facilities (Hospitals and Clinics) especially in rural and remote locations.

Decide what's more important?

Poor and elderly people without Health Insurance, or getting actual Health Care.

Access to actual Health Care; or Public Broadcasting, National Endowment for the Arts, Department of Energy, Bureau of Land Management, Farm/Crop subsidies, Department of Education, The Boundary Commission, and poverty, mental illness, and drug abuse encouraging programs.  

People with serious pre-existing medical ailments getting actual Health Care; or weapons the military has already told you they don't need or want, and politicians getting repeatedly re-elected.

More diagnostic equipment, labs and staff; or more taxes, regulations, political campaigns and media advertising.

I think we all know the answer.

Help those who really need it, and drop the ridiculous, self serving, useless, and archaic regulations, regression programs, destructive practices, corrosive waste and corruption, and punitive excess bureaucracies, and oppressive taxes

Drop the income redistribution scheme known as Affordable Care Act, Government Health Insurance, or whatever neuro-linguistic crap you come up with next.

If it was insurance, you couldn't manage it anyway.  It's just another oppressive mandatory tax and another wasteful Ponzi scheme. 

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