07 November 2015

Attention! Presidential Candidates

Here’s what I want to know.

What do you plan to do about the following?

1.The oppressive Federal tax burdens; direct or hidden in the price of goods and services.

2.The huge explosion of tyrannical Government regulations.

3.Enormous National Debt and continued deficit spending.

4.Ineffective control of all National borders.

5.Equal justice and equal taxation rates for ALL.

6.Worldwide terrorism.

What I want you to do:

Cut Federal budgets to no more than last years budget in ACTUAL DOLLARS; all spending, discretionary, non-discretionary, and black projects and ops(all spending is up to you and Congress and is therefore, DISCRETIONARY!), except for those already receiving insurance BENEFITS like Social Security and Medicare; fund them by additional discretionary cuts. No Means Testing for wealth or Poverty.

No more annual deficits. Keep cutting budgets until the National Debt is substantially “Paid-off”. No budget increases, even for inflation, until National Debt is less than 5% of annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP)..

Repeal and reform nearly all Federal Government Regulations, and all Executive Orders. Accurately determine the total true and complete costs to the taxpayers and consumers for those you keep.

De-fund hundreds of Federal Agencies, Departments, Programs, Projects, Bureaus, Offices, and Committees.

Evaluate all and repeal most Federal Excise taxes; and all tariffs, subsidies and embargoes.

Repeal Federal minimum wage laws. You’re preventing young people from learning to be useful workers.

Veto 95% of all laws passed by Congress; we already have way more laws than are needed. Only sign laws that apply equally to all citizens; including you, Congress and Executive appointees.

Repeal or phase out over three years all income tax exemptions and deductions; including all special interest carve-outs, credits, tariffs and subsidies.

Establish a single Federal Income Tax percentage rate applicable to all individuals, businesses and organization (including nonprofits, unions and churches; except for funds spent on their avowed purpose). Return to equal tax treatment for all under the law.

Tax all political contributions to Federal office candidates as income from individuals (if not already after taxes) excess revenue of organizations (nonprofits, churches, unions, foundations, etc.) and profit of businesses.

Stop subsidising behaviors and circumstances we want discouraged with ENTITLEMENT payments

Eliminate or significantly reduce Foreign Aid bribery and other transfer payment bribery to all recipients.

Stop special privileges and exemptions based upon sex, religion, ethnicity or nationality; allow limited exemptions for the verifiable disabled, aged, or in-firmed individuals.

Secure our borders, all of them, with traditional and modern devices, adequately train and vete personnel, and use effective modern procedures. Exclude all illegal invaders or intruders regardless their nationality or place of origin.

Build more prison and jail cells. Many criminals are avoiding punishment for their criminal behavior because of ineffective apprehension, inconsistent prosecution, sloppy sentencing, and overcrowding. Keep arresting criminals and incarcerating them, regardless of their apparent race or ethnicity, until all are being punished appropriately for their behavior.

Punish officeholder corruption relentlessly regardless of the stature, history, popularity or party.

Stop partisan treatment from the IRS and Justice Departments, or keep cutting their budgets until they stop arbitrary punishment of those with beliefs they dislike.

Punish officeholders that incite rioting and violence. It’s already a crime.

Stay out of foreign countries with whom we have no treaties or occupancy agreements. Do not occupy other countries any longer than it takes to kill them, blow-up their stuff, and load up our people, equipment and supplies and leave. Don’t stay around to train anyone, keep peace, re-built their junk or monitor elections. It’s not our business. Selling democracy is not our job. Do not repair anything or pay reparations! Do not apologize! Punish them and get out!

If you must build or repair stuff, do it here; keep peace, do it here; guard a border, do it here; monitor elections, do it here; pay reparations, do it here!
Mind our own business here!

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